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Hi folks, i'm quite proud to present you my latest project featuring an abusive use of KnM plugins.


here's the project page on my wiki: (don't miss the video link)

24 meters long, 60 000 lumens, 20 atomic strobes, 6 hours show, 0 bug. I guess the pictures a pretty self-explanatory.

FYI, i used the following KnM plugs: - Structure tools - Audio Tools - GL tools - 3D tools - Directory Scanner - Spooky S+R - File Tools

Hopefully for the next project i'll be able to use the DMX tools - and get rid of MaxMsp -

Thank you Kineme !

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That's a really impressive

That's a really impressive endeavor...

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Superb work

That looks seriously good franz, great stuff!

How is the display done, is it just a big projector with some kind of mesh screen?

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i dont know why but i can't

i dont know why but i can't see the url... safari/firefox is the same...

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Should be

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3 beams

yeah, it is 3 projectors in sync the screen is regular construction protective mesh screen.

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Very Nice

Very nice stuff, there!


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impressive!!!!! pre


pre rendered movie?

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Re: Should be

I get a 404 on both links... :(