Transitioning Jelly Leopard Default to Snow Leopard JS Syntax compatible version

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Well, well, well - look what I found when I opened up the Jelly visualizer previously bundled in with Leopard, after extracting the same directly from the Leopard 10.5 DVD to System/Library/Compositions under Snow Leopard in the new and highly impressive QC 4. [Great interface improvements within, just to be different :-) , gets a thumbs up from me in almost every way thus so far.]

See the attached file "jellyJSEditorIncorrectType.png" - as you might see, the syntax errors were minimal to say the least and clearly had nothing to do with the editor, but I am pleased to say the efficiency of the error trapping inherent within the JS Patch editor has greatly improved, as this didn't show up in QC 3 at all.

The 'solution' - just set the appropriate counts and the error disappears.

See attached file, "JSCorrectJellyinSnowLeopardQC4[lovinit].tiff", with the slight changes needed.

Interestingly enough, the Jelly visualizer works AOK even when the scripting is even that bit tiny wee bit 'dodgy' - so whatever, just does demonstrate well the usefulness of the feature, especially useful the error is crucial. I'm sure that will prove useful.

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Re: Transitioning Jelly Leopard Default to SL (edit)

what is new in SL as far as JS is concerned ? how come this gives no errors ?

(edit) cybero you would know your the java script guy. i've converted and copied some perl and python to js or well tried and there are no errors. one of my parameter structures doesn't seem to work. its no big deal on the parameters i can use a structure maker for that. its the js implementation of the hmm or hidden markov model. if you could get this working there would be so many cool things you can do with it just look at hidden markov model on wikipedia. i m an object oriented guy so my js skills are limited do you think i need to use for (key in states) { loops } the associative 2d arrays are killing me.

just thought this would make some cool things and your the guy that knows about this js stuff. think about it... this predicts the weather via a random walk and 3 observations and spits out the probabilities. this can be used to smooth things, for gestures, you could even do speech recognition with it by typing your phonemes as a string and then analyzing the each spectrum individually against the phoneme then using it to predict anticipated input or decayed signal flow.

i just want to make stochastic visualizers and music with it.

(edit) forgot to post the qtz

hmm.qtz4.74 KB

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Re: Transitioning Jelly Leopard Default to SL (edit)

Well, much of QC's JS directly relates to the JavaSCript Core framework.

I have not shone a really searching light upon that currently presumed for scientific purposes, to be a broadly undiscovered country.

Initial impressions.

JS everywhere is way faster.

It is , editor feedback, far more helpful for those who wish to avoid potential JS chaining problems between patches prior to Iterators containing , usually the final consuming / facility patches within the composition.

I have only just begun to explore the amazing in built QC examples, dust and am interested to explore the hmm.qtz example posted. Stochastic to AI, mmm, interesting.

As you picked up, the inherited Jelly visualizer, does , inherently work, for reasons of approximating cum achieving backwards compatibility, I believe.

However, the JS syntax caveat in the editor window is intended, I believe, to encourage and guide towards a cleaner , more consistent coding sensibility.

This is especially useful for those whose understanding of JS is borne of a possibly rigid, efficient understanding consistent with possibly sole familiarity one or another,[ of what I view in computing linguistic terms, as being different application specific dialects of a common language specification and syntax , itself derived greatly from C] JS libraries.

I believe it behoves us well to not underestimate one's own , nor others JS linguistic facility. {Known {& unknown}} - pun intended.

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Re: Transitioning Jelly Leopard Default to Snow Leopard JS ...

So finally, having had this and that to do, repair, restore & re-enable - a new version for SL of the Jelly[Redraft] Music Visualizer - just needs a few more working changes, and finally I would seem to be getting to miss the 'good old days', in some ways, with regards to the interface.

How quickly the novelty of the new can wear thin as one seeks to learn a new look and feel workflow interfacing.

Any problems - just let me know :-)

As ever, the iTunes protocol needs its elbow room.

Well after a slight false start, I have managed to get the re-versioned Jelly to play ball in iTunes, having added in the extra presets & sorted out any syntax errors [just in case the JS operations are going to get as correctly pedantic as the code error caveats are at the bottom of the JS patch editor panel] .

Key 'm' to raise preset menu bottom right corner, up or down arrow key to browse through the presets

JellyRedraft.qtz.zip268.53 KB