started out as trying NOT to use Kineme :o) audio reactive coolness

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This actually started out, on a visual level, with the idea of using only stock QC stuff. The basic visual is actually stock QC; a particle system with a round gradient for the image input, placed inside of a replicate in space... to try to get something similar to the kineme "vortex" effect, but a little different. Pretty much every value is being effected by either the music's volume peaks, or with interpolation based on the duration of the music. A couple of the values are automated without regard for the music, and are set to automatically sweep.

However, I ended up placing this all inside of a Kineme Field of View Patch, and using the Kineme Audio tools to get the peak volume and audio info. In my opinion, there is something really nice and intuitive about the results of placing something in the Field of View Patch, and it works nicely when something is going away from you in the z plane, but you are reducing the field of view at the same time. I like the "resolution"... though I can't really say that it is different from what could be achieved by using multiple 3d transforms for sure. (and don't care to waste time checking)

What I think was cool about this, and what makes me want to share, is how some of the stuff looked kind of liquidy from just the gradient. I hope that the new particle tools has 2D input as well as 3D :o)

After messing with Blender, it makes me think about using a particle system similar to this, and creating an ultra fast "spray"... and then slowing it down with external timebase to get a more fluid look...

On a side note, the music is generated using all stock Garage Band stuff... kind of an excuse to get familiar with it.

The fact is that the Kineme audio tools and Quartz Crystal are really indispensable in something like this, because as a pure live piece it can't have quite this many particles or replications and run well, but knowing that it is bound for offline render allowed me to "jack up" the goodies some.

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This is a version of the

This is a version of the file, not exactly the same as what is in the render... I replaced the kineme audio input so that it can just use ambient room sound, and tweaked a number of other things so that it gets a better/more consistent frame rate.

In The Box rc1.qtz13.09 KB

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I'm getting really attractive results from this one, George. Changed out the particle image for a glossy little colorwheel thing and boosted the default color. Fed it African music. It's very nice!

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with the dof-like effect, that looks really really cool. I like this effect :)

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That's awesome. I would be

That's awesome. I would be curious to see it with different image input. It also looks nice on white background, or on the background rotated in color at a different rate, and perhaps different luminance. This thing can have a really different "throw to it" by where the speakers are placed.

An alternative is to use this macro with the Kineme audio as a player... This macro has the audio player, as well as the file input. Just disconnect the apple input with math, and pop this in it's place. You could also take the file duration, and connect that to math to feed the interpolation duration, and it can make the qtz automatically adjust to song length in a sense. But, I'm going to be working on music pretty solid for the next week or so, so I'm going to go ahead and post it since I don't know when I'll get back to it! On to the next thing :o) ....I have to admit, I was going to go a little further with this in the polishing department.

It would be cool to set this up with the duration so that the sequences kind of divide up in line with the total song duration (eg, 1/8 of the song duration is the duration of one of the interpolation periods, 1/3 for another, 1/4 for another perhaps... so on and so on). It would also be cool if there was some kind of way to pull the file name, and put it on fading typography in one of the corners as the song starts. I would ALSO think it would be really cool to set this up with a patch to automatically pull songs from a given folder.

I love the "wetness" and liquid quality that is inferred by this in parts. Other than that, it honestly looks really "Apple- iTunes"y to me, probably because of using the built in framework for image generation? The Kineme GL patches truly put the polish on it though.

I could hem and haw on this forever... if you looked at my hard drive you would see alot of stuff like "audioversion40b1forrenderversion3b2f.qtz" RIDICULOUS! :o)

edit- you can also sort through the waveform structure the same way that I have it hooked up to the volume peaks... but I only have one qtz that does anything useful with the waveform (and this isn't it).

gt typical kineme audio setup.qtz2.77 KB

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Aw thanks, that is a serious

Aw thanks, that is a serious compliment coming from "the man" (not to exclude Steve from "the man" status). I think it's actually pretty amazing how vivid this can look with just that gradient... the kineme fov really does a number on the whole thing as far as giving it this almost film like/polished quality? I bet the Ortho patch could achieve some interesting distortions. For the record, the whole "replicate in space" was just a way to get some of that kineme archimedes style particle look with the regular system (but WITH the gradient input which isn't possible with the kineme).

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Thanks for the audio set-up.

Thanks for the audio set-up. You are very helpful.

Regarding your reference to the iTunes visualizer .. if it was me, I'd be on cloud nine if I had come up with a resemblance. heh. That iTunes thing is great fun in a screen-grab, eh? Stick it in a layer in the app of your choice and tweak the daylights out of it with image filters in subsequent layers. It's a delightful resource. ahaha :-)

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Re: started out as trying NOT to use Kineme :o) audio ...

I must have missed this one, only just picked up on it; looks really nice and has a bouncy up beat loop track too.