AudioTools 0.8 - Spectrum Bands

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I think that one of the coolest things in Audio Tools is its support for Live Input.

The following composition exemplifies this, using the Audio Image Filter Assembly included in the example compositions.

Beautiful results.

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Spectrum Bands [Render in Image] + Particle Tools

Spectrum Bands in a Render in Image feeding into a Particle Tools composition that I had adapted only slightly from the original in the examples for Particle Tools to demonstrate how to bring an image into a Particle Tools Texture render.

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Re: AudioTools 0.8 - Spectrum Bands

That's cool!

I've kind of slowly grown to have a taste for the spectrum stuff. It was like eating liver and broccoli for a long time! My eye doesn't usually see it as relating to the music, unless the music is amazingly sparse, with dead space.

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Re: AudioTools 0.8 - Spectrum Bands

does audio tools 0.8 work on PPC? the plugin loads but these compositions won't work as expected.

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Re: AudioTools 0.8 - Spectrum Bands

Can you try to isolate the issue, and describe what's not working as expected?

There were some endian issues in earlier AudioTools releases that have since been fixed, but perhaps we skipped over one, or you're used to the wrong behaviour, or something?

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Re: AudioTools 0.8 - Spectrum Bands

Well the two files spectrumbandz and collider with [spectrum bandz] image, [links to which are on this post thread, both of them fail to work in regards of live audio input whatsoever at all on my G5 PPC, with Audio Tools 0.8.

Just flat lines.

Audio File input AOK [thus far].

So its just Live Input , failing on PPC regardless of microphone input selected in System Preferences or elected elsewhere within the composition.

On Intel Mac - no problem input / output wise.

No crash ensues, although I could start a trace.

Still a picture speaks a thousand words :-)

Firstly the Intel results [ for comparison]

then the second - failing PPC results

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