Candy Wheel

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So, by making your particles triangular and only showing the corners, you can effectively produce 3x as many particles (and of course lines -> 2x, squares -> 4x)

candywheel.qtz10.39 KB

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Re: Candy Wheel

Nice Candy Wheel - glosses up nicely with a mixture of Add and Alpha and quite suits a touch of audio too.

BTW - what about GL Line Structure [fed Triangles as per your setup] but set to 0.1 line width, Stipple Pattern to 1, Stipple scale to 0, with Line set to Line Strip and one gets a whole of points [around a triangle of course].

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Re: Candy Wheel

Wow, it looks pretty cool as you suggested. I have dubbed it "candy swarm". The triangles don't stay triangular though, they end up with lines jumping between points of other triangles or something I guess. It also happens even when I set to display distinct triangles instead of triangle strip. Odd.

screenshot of deformed fused triangle shapes