Oh no, why am I posting this?

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Prompted by Steve to share my abominations.

Anyway, here's a little something (composition #11) I put together to relearn things the other day. It's just a particle tools, audio tools, conglomeration of things. Basically a particle "road" that continues on forever. And then to spice things up mario's flying at you (it used to be some weird flying fish md2 model).

The scene changes via 3d transform when the audio hits a certain spike. The muxing didn't take very well on this though. I generated a short clip with a short audio file (no, not manna manna).

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Re: Oh no, why am I posting this?

That is wild!

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Re: Oh no, why am I posting this?

Anything with Yakety Sax added to it automatically makes it solid gold :D