OpenCL Meshes

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I had been studying the Aurora [Rainbow Snow] example recently that was posted up in the Developer Sample Code section sometime ago.

I was peaked to look again when the Iteration degradation problem cropped up earlier this week from itsthejayj.

I already knew that the OpenCL audio spectrum mesh creation routine worked outside of iTunes and produced a pretty mesh ribbon. It completely fails to show inside of iTunes.

Either way, the composition produced a load of Console messages, patches failing and segmentation fault crashes. Even if I attached a static .dae, then the Fog Environment, containing a Camera macro patch, would still bleat a lot , but only if the Audio Peak information were lacking slightly - silent to low points. If only those messages didn't presage the aforementioned crashes, I wouldn't be so worried. The Iterative string of errors doesn't end until the Console is reloaded.

Definitely a structural problem and one that the use of Iterations means keeps repeating even after the Render has been ceased. This behaviour also evidences when running the visualizer in iTunes and not playing any audio. I don't think this is specifically an Open CL, .dae related issue BTW. However, thus far I have not been able to reproduce the problem when replacing the Mesh with a simple Circle.

In fact , the problem seems to to have 'gone away' since I forced the Enable to be on only when Audio was running, whilst I typed up this report / post :-). If anyone can reproduce the problem I'd be interested to hear.

BTW - I do already know that when iTunes stops audio this visualizer kind of freeze frames and the QC Render window blacks out , the iTunes re-renders on fresh audio and the QC needs a stop/ restart on the Render window FYFI :-)

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