Particle Tools Demo: Explosions and Time Freezing

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A Quartz Composition using Kineme Particle Tools and the new Explosion force in v0.2. Time freezes occasionally whilst the camera rotates around the universe.

Rendered using QuartzCrystal 1.2 which includes a new temporal supersampling (motion blur) feature.

Render Settings:

  • Framerate: 24fps
  • Spatial Supersampling: 4.0x
  • Temporal Supersampling: 32x
  • Resolution: 720x480 (prior to Vimeo's transcoding)
splode-timefreeze.qtz11.8 KB

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I really like it. Good effects, and nicely presented.

With texturing and a bit of post-process, this plugin could be really awesome :D

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i am so frustrated i can't play with 3d properly in the planetarium context (see elsewhere), as this is just the kind of thing i was aiming for. imagine it all exploding around you!

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Why can't you?

Why can't you play with this in a planetarium properly? I am building a planetarium over the next 2 years (in a larger community center) and am researching all of this for dome projection. I'm curious to know what problems you are having.

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Very Impressive!

I'm not sure about the orange flash bits, but the particle stuff itself looks loverly...


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Thanks, everyone.

Textured particles are on our todo-list. Coming sometime in the future. As long as time doesn't freeze in the meantime. Though I guess if it did we would have no real way of detecting it...

The orange flashes can be disabled --- they're just the 'default visual manifestation' of the explode effect, and I turned them on for debugging purposes. They also remind me a little of some of Charles Csuri's early work and/or the Vectrex, so I left them turned on for sentimental reasons :^)

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Strangely enough I think

Strangely enough I think Cwright wrote this :D It might be of some interest, it deals with the PBMesh plugin on this site.

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There's no real way to

There's no real way to change the color of the flashes, is there? When I apply color change it isn't taking...

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No, there isn't.

You're right --- the Force: Explosion flashes aren't responding to the color parameter. I hadn't tested that parameter, actually. I've made a note to fix that for a future release.

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yep, but you can't get a 180deg fisheye in qc...

this is the thread i referred to as (discussed elsewhere)

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explosion render

I was having fun messing around with settings.... I rendered this last night. This has motion blur applied... without it, the variety of colors in the particles are very distinct. The blur definitely gives it a "wet" look... splish splash.

I have a question... what does the "quartz crystal render" checkbox actually do? I have to admit that every time I have checked it, if I am in Quartz Composer, or Quartz Crystal, I have had either program totally lock up.

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locks etc

it'll lock because it renders an incomprehensible number of particles, and unless you've got a fast video card, lots of ram, and a fast CPU, you're toast (the 1 minute of video took about a day to render on a relatively new MacBook Pro -- particleTools is not fast by any means yet).

the check box is part of the presently undocumented automatic inputs QuartzCrystal populates when it renders. I'll document those a bit more clearly when release-time comes around, but the e-mail I fired off you you contains a fair basic summary.

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Don't use "embed url"

gtoledo3 wrote:
The video insert html doesn't seem to work?

I edited your post and got it to work --- keep in mind that you should enter the standard video-page url (not the "embed url" or the "fullscreen url"). It's easier than you think.