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QC/GLSL Version of the VVVV Superformula by gregsn, sanch and tonfilm, based on original work by Johan Geilis.

I've added a couple of different lighting/surface models, from my surface shaders library. The three surface option are versions of 'Glossy Wet Hilight' and 'Thin Film' from the NVIDIA shader library, and an adapted version of the 'Env Map' example shader from Apple.

  • Requires Kineme Spooky and SuperGLSLGrid patches.
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This is really cool :) Thanks for sharing it -- it even works on my MacBook :) (without catching on fire or exploding or anything :)

Looks like if M or Mb is 0, the texturing no longer works though...

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Cheers! I've just set the

Cheers! I've just set the ranges of all the Superformula controls to 0>10, since this was really just a little test project, anyway. There are some glitches with the normals too, I noticed, but I'm going to leave those for the moment and knock together a version with simple phong lighting, and some SuperGLSL 'pseudospreads' type action, I think.


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thanks for sharing. around 15-20 fps on a MBP-X1600 as far as i remember, the vvvv version runs around 20+ on my Bootcamp , so it seems quite the same.

awesome work !

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Cheers franz! I think the

Cheers franz!

I think the lighting slows things down quite a lot, especially as, to get a smooth shape, you need to have quite a high-res mesh.


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