curly code

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i have started a new project 1.5 mounth ago. Not video yet but some screenshots: Several kineme plugins in. (3d, GL, struct. maker, part. tools, and more). The project based on the live drawing.


david as mr.monkeypresso

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Re: curly code

Really great looking stuff. The "cn6" shot really reminds me of the Electric Sheep generative screensaver. Look forward to more stuff!

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Re: curly code

Cool stuff...

What it looks like, is popping GL Splines inside of GLSL shape shaders, kinda like I was doing with particles and the desaxismundi stuff, but with splines? Anyway you cut it, it looks cool. (You don't need to answer my supposition by the way:o)!

I remember something you posted a while back of this stuff on Vimeo reminding me of some Leonardo DaVinci geometry sketches.

Out of curiosity, what does "fake AR" mean?

PS, checkout the "lissajous-coaster" particle tools example if you haven't already, there is some overlap there that may aid you I think.

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Re: curly code

Reminds me of superdraw :)

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Re: curly code

;o) Superdraw is cool...

Lately, I've realized that the last particle tools can do much of the superdraw stuff.

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Re: curly code

i found superdraw now, thanks for the tipp.

George, i have experimented with shaders, but in the future iam not sure that i want to use those. I like better structure-kind and coordinate- things. I found a huge drawing tablet as well, but iam thinking to move the whole project to a touch screen. But this is an early state, and i just got to know, what kind of result what i want to have and the difficult part is how to have it. But the sure points are the artistic, and the conceptual parts. And yes i used splines, GL lines, points, sprites, as well. The particle tools just with the structure output.(slower but good to have coordinates and merge with other structures)

thanks for the comments! :)

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Re: curly code

super nice stills there. superdraw is cool, but i like these stills a lot.

and gtoledo, would you put together a demo of how kineme particles can do some of the superdraw stuff?

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Re: curly code

Cool stuff David, reminds me personally on the Nodebox outputs i am using sometimes in my graphical workflow ( Far as i remember it was some time ago also a thread here about integrating the Nodebox-Python stuff in QC... Excited about to hear that you are planning to port the stuff to a TouchScreen ;-)

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Re: curly code

"integrating the Nodebox-Python stuff in QC". I second that! I might never leave the house again.....

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Re: curly code

Yeah... as a semi-occasional Nodebox user...

One thing to keep in mind is that Nodebox "isn't" Python, though it uses Python... as in, you can't just open up a .py file.

Another is... this was discussed quite a time ago, and I know that there were some issues with it working in the QC environment. Aside from that... many of the reasons for it have faded, other than if someone enjoys using Python coding for some reason. The generative line stuff, bouncy balls, etc, etc, can pretty much all be done with the current particle tools, GL Tools line expression, using javascript with GL points, GL triangles, etc.

I'm going to have to open up Nodebox and see if there's anything substantial that it does that can't be done in QC right now. At first glance, many of the examples are different "looking" but could be achieved in QC, imo.

I don't want to give the impression that I am "downing" on the idea, because adding other coding languages via patches is always a cool idea. If I had my druthers, Processing could be implemented somehow... but it just doesn't seem to "fit in" with the current QC paradigm, and the underpinning of how things actually work.

I've been doing some real time screengrab via QC based app, grabbing stuff from nodebox and Processing, but it had a bit less spectacular possibilities than I was initially imagining. That said, I don't have many hours of that under my belt yet.

Perhaps this will add a twist on everything, don't know...

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Re: curly code

My god.. gtoledo3 responds to me! (This is my equivalent of jimi hendrix personally suggesting a flat 9/7th chord!, thanks for all your work george i've learnt much of what I know from your posts and .qtz's.. you rock... if you had a poster, id put it on my wall right next to steve reich).

In regards possible integration of other languages.,,,

Im a newbie, like 3 months old, one thing i've been a little frustrated by is the audio side of quartz, (I know its not QC's purpose, but unfortunately I have a personal interest in realtime generative music/visual composition, and computer games with no point/killing). QC gets close to providing the basic visual gaming design, and "pure data" (.pd) gets close to gaming audio engine design, (psycho acoustic surround sound functionality etc). So currently i run "pure data" (.pd) in the background, and trig via osc, which is a messy approach technically, but satisfying artistically.

How to get better audio functionality in QC?

1) other languages with decent audio functionality? My interest in other languages In QC, i.e python etc, ( from which have stemmed a few interesting gimmicky audio thangs, echo nest, nodebox so on) largely stems from overcoming this conundrum..... which yeah... I know is not likely soon.

2) package a QC and pure data app together in xcode? Alternatively Is it possible to package a QC app and a "pure data" app (which is C) in Xcode? (Im even unsure about whether/how cocoa and carbon can be used in symbiosis in one standalone app in Xcode... ?) Um.. newbie.

I don't smoke crack... but 3) Pure data ( or some C type thing that runs PD ) as a plug in In QC? (I don't know if QC was directly inspired by pure data, but their process of working is near identical, so not too much "hat swapping", and as far as audio goes, there's not much that isn't already implemented, or cant be done in pure data, especially the gaming audio, psycho acoustic, algorythmic angles). It may be impossible to integrate for technical reasons I am unaware of, but in terms of "artistic process" a pure data plug in would be an elegant addition. (In fact If this were possible I would prob' stop using logic and pro tools i.e traditional music composition processes altogether, in favor of integrative audio/visual composition QC)

"many of the examples are different "looking" but could be achieved in QC, imo." I've noticed this in nodebox too, this got me interested in the app, but i cant quite put my finger on what exactly is creating this sorta "fake fidelity" effect.

Anyways thanks again george, you're stuff is awesome, BTW is that you drumming on some of your .QTZ's?

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Re: curly code

Hahah, that cracks me up man.... I want to write a quick response on this, and I'm going to write a detailed response in a bit.

Yeah, I usually play all of the parts on anything I record. HOWEVER, I did do something with some apple loops recently and then played drums on top to make it sound more real, but get a bit of the groove. It was really a glorified click track. Kinda a first on my own material, though I have used loops plenty on remix stuff.

Off top of my head, I'm going... there are many ways to integrate audio into QC, but like you are saying it seems "unrobust" to say the least. Kineme really fleshed it out with the audio loader stuff....