wii-nster 0.1

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This Quartz Composition utilizes a few Kineme patches to turn the Wii Remote controller into a somewhat reasonable instrument or MIDI controller. I spent some time on the readme file so I'll leave most of the description for you to read in that text. I'm mostly a C programmer, so some of the JavaScript in this may be naively written. Let me know if it can be improved. I'm not really new to QC though. But still there are probably better approaches to what i have taken here.


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I don't have a wiimote handy to test this with, but I like the idea.

The kineme midi patch may still suffer from the checkerboard bug (I'm not sure if that's from the last release, or if it got reintroduced in my current build; it's been a while since that patch has received any development time :/) -- if this is the case, let me know and I'll try to make a quick "checkerboard fix" release for you.

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checkerboard bug?

could you describe this? I will keep a look out.

Also, i am interested in being able to send program change messages and other types of MIDI messages (short sysex, poly at etc).

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The "checkerboard bug" is noted, in QC at least, by the viewer window being only a checkerboard (all rendering is disabled) -- you'll also see some lines in Console.app that indicate that one of the patches failed to initialize. The init failure causes QC to abort rendering (hence the checkerboard). The init failure is actually a mistake (returning the wrong data type, sometimes it gets confused), and the fix is simple (return the correct datatype ;)

inside an application, you'll get a blank renderer (probably just black), and the console messages.

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nice patch! i am actually working on something similar but relying on the midi-filters in ableton live for the scales, great idea to fix that in QC using xml!

i connected the patch to minimonsta and played around a bit with it.. it is quite hard to play as an instrument because it reacts quite much even on very little movement, i could play through 2-3 octaves by just rotating my hand very very slightly, but i guess mastering any instrument needs some practice :)

anyway, great work! if i found out anything which could be improved from the experience with my own patch i'll report it :)



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creating a less touch scale

glad you like it. i have also been playing around with wii-nster more. I had trouble imagining how i would do this in Logic. Can't imagine with Ableton Live.

Recently i created a scale that spans only 4 octaves in diatonic. I spread the notes out so that it required the full range of motion (-90 deg left to +90 deg right roll). It was much less touchy. Then i did the same thing for a pentatonic scale ... even better. I will post it once done, but you may want to play around with it too. For 4 octaves, fill in every fourth item in the xml file. If pentatonic, every 6th item.


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ahah! ...and program chg msgs+

i have seen this before. i had an attempts at creating a MIDI plug-in with XCODE prior to coming across this site and have seen both the checkerboard and the Console msgs.

I am interested in incorporating program change messages, poly AT, and short sysex msgs into wii-nster. Is the source available for the original kineme plug-ins or is this something you would be able to add?


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midi features

We've got a beta that handles poly AT (input, not output), and we're working on sysex/rpn/nrpn support in the very near future for some summer projects we've got coming up;

The source isn't available yet for the midi stuff (we're cleaning out some non-mit compatible code cruft from the old tiger version), but should be once that's taken care of.

please e-mail me directly, and we can discuss the features you're looking for in depth, and start heading in that direction. It sounds like we're both going similar places.