quartz crystal and use of a controller/mouse

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I wasn't quite sure where to post this.

I have a composition, whereby people can use the mouse or a space navigator to navigate around.

I now need to render out a movie through quartz crystal, however, I lose the interactivity with the mouse - i.e. i want to use the mouse to navigate whilst the Q. Crystal is rendering to make life easy. Is there a way around this, or would I have to use a timeline and animate it?

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Re: quartz crystal and use of a controller/mouse

You can go the timeline route, or you can also try using the ValueHistorian patch (it's currently in beta, and a bit quirky, but functional enough to accomplish something like this) to record your actual movements and keypresses in time. This can give a more natural look and feel to the composition.

Otherwise, no, you can't interact with QuartzCrystal while it's rendering, because it doesn't render in real time.