Folder Movies Patch

[ from coremelt ]

first it doesn't return a path to quartz compositions, which is an issue. I'd really like to be able to use this patch together "image with composition" and "file type" in order to seamlessly play either movies or compositions from a folder. second, the "scan signal" doesn't behave the same as the one in the built in "folder images". if you disconnect my "dirty hack" macro and leave the scan signal true it does not scan the folder when the composition initialises. with the built in "folder images" you can leave scan signal on true and it will automatically rescan on starting the composition and whenever the string input changes. seems also that "file type" UTI is not returning anything for some of my movie files even though they ARE valid quicktimes and they can be played ok by "image with movie". Maybe should just do string scanning on the filename instead and use ".mov" or ".qtz" to determine which "image with" patch to use.

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also related

There seems to be a bug where alias recursion causes it to crash despite the recursion limit parameter. Investigating this as well.[EDIT: It's a path expansion bug. This was written before we did composition-relative addressing, so starting a path with ~ will cause the alias resolve to freak out.)

Fixed the rescan-on-path-change bug. working on the others.

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Further Inspection

For reference:

Current (v0.2) Folder Movies matches files based exclusively on their extension. This is how Folder Images works (It queries for valid picture extensions, and then compares). Removing the file's extension makes it not appear on the list.

I'm pretty certain that the files that aren't getting matched are files with either invalid or non-extant. They'll still work in QuickTime because QT and Finder apparently use the file's OSType as well to determine whether or not it's a movie file. Interesting commands are /Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo and /Developer/Tools/SetFile, which can be used to view and manipulate this metadata. I've only seen it used in this case on movie files.

Still working out how to get a file's OSType, so we can check that too to add the missing files to the list. In the mean time, any media extension should get them in the list.

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file type UTI

For the "file type" UTI stuff, are movies that return blank strings files with non-ascii characters in the filename (e.g. ø, é, î, å, etc)? That's how I've successfully duplicated the problem you mentioned, but maybe there's another way to trigger it?