Folder movies doesn't detect special characters or aliases


Your plug ins are simply fantastic. It is very exciting to see them appear, progressively widening our possibilities as QC developpers.

Two remarks on the new "folder movies patch" :

  • it ignores files named with special characters (é,ô,ê,ç...). Is it possible to correct this limitation in a future version ?

  • it doesn't scan aliases of folders (example : if I put an alias of a folder in the scanned folder, it won't treat it as a folder when scanning recursively).

Maybe I am asking too much... anyway, many thanks !

Yann Le Bihan

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Hey yann, thanks for noticing these problems.

I've fixed the special character support by using more Cocoa-level stuff. Fixing aliases will take a bit more work, but should be possible by the end of this week. Expect an updated release soon to enjoy the new functionality :)

Should it support following symlinks as well? Do typical OS X users even dabble with symlinks?

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I'd suggest adding support for symlinks also.

Maybe add a checkbox that enables the traversal of symlinks+aliases, as there might be some circumstances where traversal would be undesirable (analogous to the existing "Recursive" checkbox).

(And of course add a depth-limit or some other sort of infinite-recursion check.)

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Waow :-)

Christopher, thanks for reacting so quickly. If you decide to charge for your future plugs, count me in !

Concerning symlinks, I also think they could be useful to some programmers, even though most OSX users probably never heard of them. And I agree with Steve about the necessity of a depth limit parameter.

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Depth Limit

No problem :)

I've just made a small tweak to allow max depth to be specified as well. Sorry I skipped that feature earlier :/

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fixed in 0.2

This was fixed in 0.2