KinemeCore 0.4 ? non transparent editor

Hi, i just installed KnMCORE beta 0.4 this morning, and now my QC editor refuses to become transparent. When modifying the alpha's color background, it becomes brighter when i lower the alpha.... It was working correctly yesterday night, all i did this morning is install KnM Core. However, after erasing the KnM Core files, and go back to normal, i still can't get my editor transparent.

Don't know HOW MUCH this is KnM Core related, maybe it is just a coincidence (rather unlikely tho')

Anyone suffer from the same disease ?

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I've seen this sometimes (esp if you're transitioning from zero documents to 1) -- what happens if you open additional docs, or double-click one to open QC?

Are you on PPC? is there anything in the logs?

(we've changed a bunch of stuff under the hood to make future-proofing a bit easier, so that might have caused it)

any other weird behaviour?

which beta version are you using (20090127? 28?)? does going back help?

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strange behaviour

i'm using latest beta. (yesterday's i guess) i'm on intel. Strangely, now that i rebooted, the alpha is interpreted correctly. But now the editor goes in SLim mode by default....

strange isn't it ? hopefully the editor is finally transparent again !

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Same here

Editor transparency is gone. Transparency capability disappeared yesterday upon installation of KinemeCore version 20090127. Haven't tried 20090128 yet. Intel Core 2 Duo.

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Franz, Lee,

can you both e-mail me your plists ( so I can investigate this further?

Can you also outline exactly what you do (i.e., when you open QC, are no editors opened, or is a blank one, or do you double-click a composition, or do any of those even matter, etc).

[EDIT: I think I found the problem -- under some circumstances, it would incorrectly detect recursion, and stop making them transparent before it got to any windows -- the recursion detection was to fix a bug reported by some users, but I incorrectly placed it a few lines earlier than it should have been... today's beta should fix this .... sorry :( Temporary workaround: Start up QC, open the patch creator (command-enter), quit, and restart QC -- as long as there's at least 1 window displayed when QC starts, it should properly make the editors transparent.]

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plist sent

to Will get today's release.

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today's beta

today's beta hasn't been released yet ... (last one released is yesterday's, 20090128, today's 20090129). Should be out in a couple hours (cleaning up some other bugs, etc).

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fixed (?)

Ok, this should be resolved in 20090129's beta, found here:

Let me know if you experience any other problems.

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I'm off the grid for two

I'm off the grid for two days and I miss this? My god... it's.. so.. awesome.

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seems fixed, thxx

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It seems to be fixed here, too.

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Re: fixed (?)

I have installed the latest version of KinemeCore, and have yet to see a transparent editor. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.. I'm kind of new to QC.

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Re: fixed (?)

cmd-, (preferences), editor tab, editor background color. Set the opacity (alpha) to something less than 100%.

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Re: fixed (?)