KinemeCore (v0.3 I think)

I am having window weirdness with KinemeCore.

  1. Menu item for Editor Window "Non-Floating editor window" does not toggle to "Floating Editor window" no matter how many times I use it.

  2. No option for Transparent Editor Background (thought I'd seen a screen-shot of that) and did someone mention 'alpha' setting.

  3. With three Editor windows open, I can't get all them to non-floating. Selecting the "Non-Floating editor window" item toggles b/w one floating and the other two floating. They are sitting there on top of my system prefs window when system prefs is the active application & focused window from what I can tell. Same for other apps too. These are the most bothering issues.

  4. Cmd-Tilde key not cycling windows properly/at all.

  5. One File became unclose-able. Had to Force quit QC.

Dual G5 GeForce FX 5200 10.5.6

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1) the floating editor is a bit of a kludge at present -- if editors are opened or closed, they aren't created with the correct state, and it gets confused. (this is difficult to reslolve because of how editors are created/closed at will)

2) it's always enabled -- use the QC preferences to set an editor background with an alpha of less than 100% -- pre-kinemecore, you could set an alpha of less than 100%, but it would just act weird.

3) see #1

4) modifying windows (via floating and via setUtility (slim title bars)) plays hell with the window manager -- it can't tell which windows are inspectors, and which ones are proper windows. Don't use cmd-~, use exposé. (There's not really a way to fix this, since it's Finder/SystemUIServer that handle cmd-~, not the app).

5) can you provide steps on how you got to this state? I've never seen this, and no one's reported it before.'s picture

Pretty hard to detail for 5). I was repeatedly selecting "Non-floating Editor" with the different windows (editors) in focus/ forward. I just got into a mess. I wasn't editing that comp (Fairlight) just copying from it if that helps.

1) I appreciate why floating editor would be good (Inspector palette falls behind it). Just too confusing at the moment. Also I can't get Viewer to go Non-Floating and I'm leaving the editors alone now. Fortunately Editors default to non-floating, be good if View defaulted to non-floating then I could take advantage of trans editor background.

2) thanks I kept looking at pref and not twigging to colour palette.

4) disabled exposé long ago cause of accidental mouse movements and keystroke conflicts. will give another go. cmd-~ so ingrained from adobe apps. tend to use spaces more. Will give Exposé another go on your recommendation.

If I can make a gratuitous GUI comment, I have found myself reading up and down the K Menu many times; searching.

I guess its just what your used to but I prefer the menu convention where the text stays the same and a tick appears next to the activated item eg K>(Tick)Transparent Patch Creator like you used for Full Screen. (full screen @ startup more of a pref ?)

As there's 2 Patch items, 3 Viewer, & 2 Editor and the text changes (op/trans) gets a bit much. I'd almost go sub-menus:

K> Patch Creator>(Tick) Transperant, (Tick) Floating. OR

K> Floating Palettes> (Tick) Patch, (Tick) Viewer

Hope you don't mind comments for what's otherwise a very cool plug-in. I'm grateful for the searching options 4sure.

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cmd-tilde works for me (what does it do for you?) -- it just cycles through every window. Not sure how stock QC works with cmd-~

Regarding the menu stuff, it's actually been a big gripe since 0.2 -- for the next 0.4 beta, we've completely redone the menu system:

[pause/step keyboard shortcuts will probably be changed a bit for the release -- those were placeholders/test keys that confuse the editor]

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That makes my commentary a little redundant then!

Menu items for floating windows could have been okay since they can be made into shortcuts and toggled. Much neater how you have it in v0.4 though...

Cmd-~ cycles editor then viewer windows in stock. just checked.

Cmd-~ in K does same when its working but it stopped working when I got all the floating window problems. guess like you said window manager went haywire.

Kineme rocks i'm heading for v0.4 tomorrow. pause/step... nice one.

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missing out

the latest beta doesn't have that yet (and doesn't have pause/step functionality either) -- we've not released that version yet (though I get to enjoy it :) -- still working on some organizational stuff (possibly a toolbar api, so plugins can have something of a voice through the kinemecore preferences window)

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Yeahhhhh. You are a total

Yeahhhhh. You are a total tease man. You hyped us all up about pause/step... and then you fling enough other stuff out to make us forget about it (almost)!'s picture
Re: Yeahhhhh. You are a total

I just came looking for pause step again, I didn't realise there was more than 1 ver 0.4 of KinemeCore. Thanks heaps for pause step should be handy for pulse trigger debugging.

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That's really nice cwright.

That's really nice cwright.