Line Dropouts in QuartzCrystal generated DV-PAL Movies

Hi, I just bought the QuartzCrystal License this week, so maybe this is a beginner mistake:

I did export a composition to a 26 sec. DV-PAL movie. The composition includes a background coming from a MovieLoader, since I don't know much about exporting my composition with alpha to be applied as overlay onto the movie.

I did take two screenshots, they are 46 frames apart, and there is nothing that indicates the reason for this little black hole in one line.

If you need the full export, or another composition exported, please let me know.

Picture 23.png
Picture 23.png15.72 KB
Picture 24.png
Picture 24.png78.6 KB

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Can you re-render the composition and see if they happen at the same position on the same frames? If so, it's likely a subtle bug in the composition (movie loader or something else).

Also, if you could, please send the composition, and all associated media file (pictures, movies, etc) to, we can do some more in-depth testing to see what's happening.