Multitouch patch & Structure key member

i want to make some sort of breakout box for the multitouch patch but i cant get it to work! i've red in a post somewhere on this site that i had to use the "Structure key member" patch but it doesn't work for me. the patch behaves like i put in a non existing key member and shows no output at all. i have made a little test composition so that the key member patch always asks for a finger id that is being used but still no luck. i think that the problem is that the key member can't extract the key. i'm using snow leopard and have no other leopard machines to test if this is snow leopard only. i have attached a screenshot of my test composition so that you can see that i did (maybe i have done something wrong). i hope you are able to fix my problem and that i soon can resume my multitouch project.

Test composition.jpg
Test composition.jpg213.28 KB

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Re: Multitouch patch & Structure key member

I can confirm this behavior on Snow Leopard. Apparently the Structure Key Member patch doesn't deal properly with integer keys.

I've updated the MultitouchPatch to respect this; the fix will be in an upcoming release.

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Re: Multitouch patch & Structure key member

I just outlined a feature request for the Multitouch patch that something like this would obviate though I'm curious as to whether or not there's a reason why new touches can displace existing touches in the structure.

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Re: Multitouch patch & Structure key member

Can't wait. Literally ;)