Quartz Builder Midi Out/in limit

Quartz Builder seems to have problem running Midi Receiver/Sender patch with more than 21 inputs or outputs. A composition that works in Quartz Composer without any problem (Receiving and Sending Midi with more than 21 I/O) does not work after building with Quartz Builder. Only the first 21 Midi in and outs are working. But there is no crash or something similiar. Only this limit.

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Re: Quartz Builder Midi Out/in limit

That's interesting, I hadn't noticed that before.

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Re: Quartz Builder Midi Out/in limit

I'm still testing. It's happening on both Leopard and Snow Leopard. If I use Midi CC Send/Receive, it is limited to 21 i/o If I use Midi Note Receive, it is limited to 28 in.