Spline Patch Value Initialization

When I save a file with the spline patch in it, sometimes the initial values of fields in the spline patch change (0 goes to something like 2.755e-40 or even null). If there is a connecting patch then the value gets changed and the problem isn't noticed, but for "unpiped" fields the changes cause issues. I do not know how to reproduce the problem, as it only does it on some saves. It may have something to do with using Save As and overwriting the original file. It does change the same fields to the same values every time except when major changes happen to the file. This only happens to the spline patch and it has happened for other versions of GLTools. It is an easy fix to change them back although time consuming. In the inspector screenshot all the Z values should be 0 and the X values should be a two digit decimal. Some of the Y's changed but as soon as the composition is running they get modified. The last two images are what it looks like with the changes and what it should look like. If uploading the .qtz file will help, I can.

Picture 1.png
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0 to 2.34e-big should be "close enough" (it's almost zero), but the nulls are Really Bad (they'll be interpreted as nans, and then anything that touches them will be wrong, as you've seen)

If you can find some steps to reproduce this (i.e. you have a working composition, and then you save it in a certain way, and this happens), please please send it, along with the steps to reproduce it, so we can trace through it and see where it's going astray.

[actually -- can you send a "corrupted" one, so we can inspect the results? maybe that will provide some clues, without requiring a full duplication of the bug]

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Corrupted Version

I am on a PowerBook G4 17" 1.5 GHz with 2GB RAM. This problem has happened about 5 times, but I have never noticed a definite pattern. Each time I have been connected to an external monitor, it has never done it when I am not connected (this is probably coincidence). I will definitely post any steps if I discover a pattern.

I just reproduced it by accident preparing this reply. I took a working composition and deleted two images to reduce the file size to upload here. When I saved the composition (command+s), closed it and opened it again it was broken. The viewer was not open at the time. The file name was "WorkingWeatherData.qtz" I renamed it to "BrokenWeatherData.qtz" in Finder after I found that it was broken. I just repeated the process to try to duplicate it (this time the file name was just "WeatherData.qtz") and it did not break the composition.

The files are both zipped because they are fairly large.

For me this is not a high priority issue as I can fix it easily.

BrokenWeatherData.qtz.zip1.58 MB
WeatherData.qtz.zip1.58 MB

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One more thing.

The results of the broken one are the same as the screenshot of the broken one I posted earlier, however the two .qtz files are different. When the error occurs the same fields get changed to the same values.