Contribute Code!

We'd like to build a robust collection of Quartz Composer extensions.

If you're an Objective C developer, we'd like to collaborate with you. This is your chance at eternal stardom in the blogosphere!

Download the source code to existing plugins and submit your patches! Provide patches in unified diff format if possible.

Or contribute new patches using either our Xcode Template or the Official API.

Don't delay --- this offer is not available in stores!

Contact us today at!

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Contributing & Official API

Where do I submit new patches? I have one, a screenshot patch, that's done, and a second close to completion, and I've started on an AppleScript patch that (I hope) will work like the Javascript patch.

Also, my patches are Official API. Does that change anything?

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Feel free to e-mail them to us (my e-mail address is found at the bottom of every page), and be sure to include your licensing terms (we prefer the MIT License) and source where applicable.

Official API doesn't change much, but it does limit the amount of plugin-branding you're able to perform. It'll also probably get placed in a slightly different section (we're still working on a clear way to distinguish official, unofficial, leopard-only/leopard+tiger properties of each patch... it's pretty vague right now).

smokris's picture could become sourceforge-like or googlecode-like

For a while I've been pondering the possibility of opening up for other developers to directly contribute and manage their projects, kinda like SourceForge or Google Code, but specifically targeted at Quartz Composer-related code.

What do you think? Would you use this?

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thats kinda what i expected from kineme in the first place, when you made the leap to open source and mit licenses

and now with a few plug-ins under my belt, i'd definitely appreciate having a home from them

whether it should be here, or as a group on an existing site such as sourceforge or google code i'm kinda agnostic until any politics or better info reaches me. the patches would still be identifiable as kineme or spark or whatever

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yeah, i already thought this was a site like that and i have been searching the site over and over again for the link to the source-repository :)

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off the hook

Ok, between these posts and a few private mails I've been getting lately, it feels like my phone is ringing off the hook for this feature; looks like it's a higher priority now :) We're working on it.

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if theres something i can do, just let me know

i´m an animator designer and HD filmaker, so i any of your projects needs some of that just let me know ill be glad to help kineme out. this is my company site.