Browser Macro Patch ?

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Hi, Have you got an exemple to build a kind of "Browser Macro Patch" to navigate into Finder's files ? (MP3, Movies...) I try to make something with the "Kineme Directory Scanner Blocking Patch" but i doesn't know how to build something convincing with an Iterator to manage with many levels of navigation. I use multiple Directory Scanner, but that's very unuseful and not a clever solution for sure ! Any tips with Iterator ? Any exemples to help me ? Thanx !

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Iterators phobia !

Please... Nobody has made a kind of "browser" to load data or 3D models, etc... ? I'm stuck with the iterator things (cause: Iterators phobia !) . I'm sure that there are clever tricks to build a simple macro taht use only one Directory Scanner to navigate into an HardDrive ! Could you help me...

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Anyone to the rescue ?

Well maybe could tell me if my general idea isn't too bad...

Browser Maco Patch:

A Directory scanner Patch (displaying anly the folders) linked to a Sample and Hold Patch. A counter Patch that increase or decrease a Structure index that return only the path of the selected folder, and then a boolean trigger that selected the right folder and trig the Sample and Hold Patch to learn and store the new path. Now the Directory scanner, scan the selected folder, and so on... But how could i go back in folders hierarchy ????? Please... Anyone to the rescue ?

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Re: Anyone to the rescue ?

hi freakz Using a directory scanner allows you to scan folders recursively. However, all the content found is "flattened" in one structure, thus you can't directly have a hierarchy. Best bet would be to use a javascript to sort this structure into sub-structures, each one representing ONE single folder. Using some string compare / truncate / split string and stuff based on the path data in the structure, this should still be doable using regular patches. Not so convenient tho'. Hope this helps.