Camera transform matrix

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Im mucking around with Apple Motion 4. Motion is a 2.5D app. I notice that its API for writing plugins enables plugins to receive information about where the camera & object are in 3D space. I also notice that FxFactory Pro seems to have the ability to pass camera transform matrix and layer transform matrix to quartz compositions when fxfactory is used within motion.

Here is the fxfactory page that mentions this:

Unfortunately I know very little about matrix stuff and Im not quite sure how to handle it in Quartz Composer if I was trying to make a plugin for motion using quartz composer and have the view of a 3d object in the .qtz change as I move the camera or object within motions 3D space.

Any ideas where to start? Or if anybody knows of any existing quartz file or any of the fxfactory plugins that use this technique, because I dont even know how well motion handles this stuff.


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Re: Camera transform matrix

Hi Steve,

FxFactory simply feeds the matrices given by Motion. We do not have any sample plug-ins to show how to use those values, and in all honesty the feature has been pretty useless so far... there are no native QC patches that let you interpret the matrix values as they are, and to get anything interesting you need to do a bit of math. AE also shares similar 3D information, but FxFactory gives you no access to it (this is intentional, at the moment).

This is clearly not the way it's supposed to work, and there plans to make 3D information accessible and usable inside QC for the purpose of plug-in development. It's only a matter of time :-)

If you are interested in becoming an FxFactory plug-in developer, feel free to ping me at


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Re: Camera transform matrix

Thanks very much for the response. What you have said is pretty much what I assumed. Im not sure if I will do anything with this stuff or not, I was sort of hoping someone with camera matrix knowledge had even a basic quartz composer example, but no worries.