Fading between patches

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Hello All!

I am new to quartz composer, but avidly finding my way around. I am working on a new performance that involves switching between four patches running different effects, I have the composition set up so that I key command switching between video feeds/patches. My problem is I would like to fade to black in between each composition and then fade into the next one. I imagine this is pretty simple to some, Any ideas?

I have also been trying to get this work with Qlab loading the quartz compositions, but I cant seem to get the fader to work for the video feed. Perhaps someone has worked with quartz and Qlab before! Help my performance is getting closer!!!


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Re: Fading between patches

Hey, i do not know if it is too much of a hack or not, but using the standard core image filter patch (the way it comes, without any additional code)... if you go from 0-100 on the color input, you get a fade to black ;o)

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Re: Fading between patches

I don't know qlab, but in quartz you can render in image what ever you want and dissolve between your patchs using the alpha of your billboards... here the example...

dissolve.qtz9.28 KB