GL Clipping Distance

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Does anybody know how to change the clipping planes in QC? I can't seem to have sprites or objects beyond about 90 units from the camera.

Do I have to use ortho? There must be a way, it is pretty straightforward in other apps.


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Re: GL Clipping Distance

QC doesn't use any clip planes by default. That doesn't necessarily mean that clipping doesn't happen, mind you, it just means that there aren't simple planes to tweak to "fix" it.

Clipping in QC happens because of how the GL frustum is set up (I think -- I've not experimented extensively with it, as it would take a bit of time). see for some details.

We could make a frustum patch in a future version of gltools, assuming it'll address this.

(Note that simply setting near and far to a bazillion units apart will make your depth buffer 99% useless, that's the tradeoff)