How to create text made out of particles!

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Hi there!

Once again turning to this helpful community to get some advice.

Im wondering how it is possible to create a word made out of particles much like this example from cristian wright called particle metrix.

any ideas?

best regards niklas

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you already asked, we already answered

You already asked this:

smokris already answered it.

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Re: you already asked, we already answered

ooops sorry missed that.

I couldnt find the post i made so i thought that it when posting it on the forum.

Now i see that i missplaced it in the dicussion thread.

Thanks for notifying me.

regards niklas

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no access?

i clicked the link but the site says me Access Denied. I logged in before.

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Re: no access?

weird, I'm able to duplicate that as an anonymous user too...

not sure what's going on, we'll take a look.

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Re: no access?

arrrgghhhh...going crazy lookin' for text particles...

Anyways, did this last night.... interested in seeing what Steve's setup looks like!

This is somewhat of a futurismo rip off.

particle letters upload.qtz10.82 KB

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Re: no access?

I also tried to click on that link earlier, but I could not see it even when logged in.

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Re: no access?

Apologies for this issue --- I had changed it from a forum post into a feature request, and I screwed up the permissions.

"Create Text from Particles" should now be accessible again.

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Re: emotion

haven't messed with the kineme particles much but have them in collision action with an object. in theory you could make a 3d model of your text and fill it with particles, i have been doing that with real flow for sometime now, meaning it takes for ever for the particles to settle in a volumetric fluid setting inside real flow, but i have been playing with realtime solutions in unity3d. there is a program thats i thought was pretty cool made with cocoa... maybe a particle paint solution with some conditionals affecting physics and a masked ci filter filter could do something similar on a accumulated particle cluster could be similar in quartz. i know apples app motion does shape painting which is really just a particle brush replicator, and accumulator based on a vector or alpha movie.

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Re: no access?

Thanks, now works well.