Interaction patch not recalling magnification offset

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Hi, i do like QC4 new interaction patch. However, i'm having troubles setting a magnification offset. Whatever number i input there, the magnification is ALWAYS 1 on restart... pretty annoying as all other offsets do work.

See attached comp, where width/height of the sprite should be 0.5, and not 1.

Am i the only one having this problem ? Maybe it is plugin related ? (as in, i broke something somewhere...)

thxx for your tips

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Re: Interaction patch not recalling magnification offset

this appears to be a bug -- are you ok with me using this composition in my bugreport?

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Re: Interaction patch not recalling magnification offset


Not to divert, but this is another issue related to this patch (seemingly). It no workee as a value type in the composition loader.

An interaction port seems to not "want" to be published to root. It publishes through macros "ok" (I think by stock, but I truthfully haven't taken kinemecore out to check).

Ok. So, if I use "regular" publish functionality at root level, I can't publish the interaction port. If I use kinemecore "publish all to root", this "block" gets ignored, and I can publish that port all the way to root.

Now, put a composition importer on the editor and autoconfigure from file... you get the attached loveliness. A constant exception prompt, with an option to quit, and a total "breakdown" of the GUI on the composition loader (which this picture probably doesn't fully reflect).


I went ahead and figured out another "workaround" that used "normal" publish function. I made an insert splitter off of the interaction port. Then I published that. Worked using normal function.

At this point, I'm thinking "sweet", it has to work. Nope, same thing.

The composition loader hasn't been updated to handle "QCInteractionPort" value type.

Granted, if a composition loader was loading something like this whatever interaction stuff was "in" the qtz still happen, but this is still a big limitation and time waster, if you want to just program interaction stuff "one time", and have published values from one qtz pass to another.

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Re: Interaction patch not recalling magnification offset

please, go ahead. thanks for proposing.