Multiple QC windows in an app

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Hey Gang!! Sort of related to developing comps.

Have QC comp, intended for sending thru projector/alt monitor output.

Have built app around it in Interface builder. Bound controls, etc. all is rockin', all works dandy. Has QC view on main window w/controls.

problem: Want to have another window with JUST the QC comp to feed projector/alt monitor out. Will be using Apple Vid out widget.

I can create alt display window with QC view with SAME QC comp in it, but cannot bind it so that it runs concurrently with control window. just sits there (or crashes Cocoa Simulator)

How do you guys approach making this a reality? Is there a way to make an INSTANCE of my comp, so that as I trigger it, it updates on the main window and the alt window too? Or do I need to keep following the two copies running concurrently idea?

(BTW I am sticking with a windowed approach beacuse I would like the end user to have option be able to adjust output window to needed size rather than completely fill up the alt output screen) Tips on "just fill up the alt output fullscreen" are extremely welcome too for future projects.

Is a very simple timer/info delivering comp, so frame rates while running 2-10 of these concurrently would still be WAY acceptable

hope this makes sense.

thanks mucho!!! jd

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

reusing composition instances is really sloppy -- state wouldn't get properly preserved, and things would act strangely. Behind the scenes, there's a QCRenderer, which is bound to exactly 1 OpenGL context. It's possible to toss the context between two windows, but that's disgusting. Just make two, and run duplicates on both.

Interface Builder is not used to create applications.

Interface Builder is not used to create applications.

Interface Builder is not used to create applications.

Interface Builder is not used to create applications.

Interface Builder is not used to create applications.

(sorry for venting -- I get questions about this usage incessantly, and it's really frustrating to explain.)

Without some executable code in an xcode project, interface builder cannot create an app bundle for you. It also does a sloppy job of accurately simulating what the nib would do in an actual application.

I just made a mock up nib with 2 windows, using the same composition 3 times (twice in one window, once in another) -- no problems when simulating. What exactly are you doing to share them -> cause the crash?

perhaps it's binding related. If so, I'm not going to spend more time investigating.

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

maybe you kill me for this stupid thought...maybe it is interesting...maybe you can use the spooky patch for send the image signal in another patch...

please pardon my naivete...


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proselytizing... ;)

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

you might want to look at the QC visualizer example.. that might help you with sending a composition to multiple screens... as per full screen this is a full screen app controller chris made a year ago. i think you could find it on this site but i attached it all the same. i use this frequently... hope it helps.

QCFullscreenOpti.zip188.25 KB

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

Any differences between the original and yours?

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

only the patch is different, the original patch myCompo is still in the document. what ever was the last thing i built to go full screen is in there looks like a optical flow grid of hit tests and sprites, something i was making for a computer store i think. you would just need to load up your comp in the xib file and change string @ key bind in the app controller to that of your composition and it should work fine. oh maybe change the .plist and build architecture or what ever, no need to change any of the code unless you want to.

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Re: Multiple QC windows in an app

Hee Hee Hee, i love it.

Yes! 3 months ago the line: "Interface Builder is not used to create applications.." would have saved me a night of work...

It should maybe say that line on a splash screen when opening IB :)

Yes, I have valid Xcode project am working from, is VERY interesting to note sloppy simulation tho' in cocoa simulator in IB... cool. Splains a lot.

I think I have some funky/stupid binding going on, will investigate tonight. The duplicates idea was the path I was going down. thanks mucho youse guys for the QCfullscreenopti file, I think I see some stupid work on my part already.

I love good forums like this, lotsa people helping for the good. you guys rock.

thanks! jd