Outputting an Object in Macros

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I've developed a comp which I want to deploy multiple instances of as a clip/macro inside other compositions. It uses Kineme Spooky Send and Receive patches. The Receive is okay but the Send patch means if I put it all in a macro container the macro goes all Renderer Pink on me and I can't output a value (which is the point of the whole comp).

I think I've seen a Yanamano feature request for a suitable kind of macro container that can handle this. Apart from that, are there any known work arounds to this limitation (ie short of plugins)?

I really hope the answer is yes, but I'm realistic about chances. If a plugin exists I'm interested.

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Re: Outputting an Object in Macros

A red macro cannot have outputs (you know this) -- there are low-level checks in QC to prevent this, so nothing can really work around it (at least, without doing some nasty changes that break lots of other things).

Why not just not use spooky send/receive, and instead publish the outputs? macro stays green, and you avoid spooky. everyone wins.

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Re: Outputting an Object in Macros

Spooky Send and Receive is the basis of the whole exercise. I guess I can have the spooky patches outside the macro but it's messier than I wanted.

I want something that's neat just like a QC patch and can get deployed anywhere in a comp and sit in on an input node to record and reset to preset values, bit like what Yanamano was doing with his 3D transformer.

Got the whole grand plan spec'd on paper if you care to take a look or I can just post the QC demo when it's done. Hopefully there'll be enough interest for somebody talented to code a plugin for it. :)