Problems with midi notes in midi tools!!

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Hi everyone!

I tried earlier today (without any luck) to read midi notes sent from an elektron synth on channel 1.

I managed to get it to work with the midi input controller that comes with QC. I used the learn button and that wasnt any problem but when trying the midi input notes i had no luck.

Later on i found the promising midi tools from this kineme and thought i found the solution.

Tried searching after some kind of tutorial or any sample patches on the matter but could find anything.

Tried understanding it by playing around with it a bit without any sucess.

The problem is probably that i am very new to quartz composer and are having problems getting any input from the any of the global input patches from midi tools and was hoping on some help from this incredible forum.

so for example if i would like to listen after notes on channel 1 and after the notes C1, E1, F1, etc how do i do this.


regards niklas

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Re: Problems with midi notes in midi tools!!