Quartz builder display settings

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Hi everyone I am using planning to use quartz builder to build 2 applications that run on 2 separate displays on a mac pro (but same graphics card). The 2 applications are synchronized together using OSC. Currently it doesn't matter what settings I use in quartz builder both applications currently only launch to the 2nd display. I have had a look at the template and nothing seems out of place. I am just wondering if anyone else had got this working at all.

My machines are brand new 2009 Mac Pros running OSX 10.6.

Cheers for any advice. Steve

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Re: Quartz builder display settings

It's been a little bit since I tried this, and I haven't tried it in SL. So, take this as a slight stab in the dark, and not something I'm testing right now (because I don't have another display handy at the moment).

Try to build one app with the Fullscreen Display mode "disabled". Then build another app with Fullscreen Display mode "display 1". I believe this is because the main display is "0", which is the equivalent of "disabled" in the QB interface. So, if you just have one extra display, and build an app with "display 1", and another with "display 2", both would likely just launch in the secondary display (unless you had two extra monitors hooked up).

I hope I'm being clear, and I also hope this works. In summation - build one app with "disabled" as your fullscreen selection, and another with "display 1", and please report back.

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Re: Quartz builder display settings

also report whether or not you're using 1.1, or 1.2 (I may have changed how fullscreening works between the two a tiny bit?)

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Re: Quartz builder display settings

I will try the fullscreen suggestion, currently I am launching 1 quartz builder app and one quartz comp in quartz compostion player. I am currently using Quartz Builder 1.2, I have to say it is simply an amazing program and I wish it would get the recognition it deserved. I have already made the purchase price back on it 10 times over, it is truly one of my favorite applications so thank you so much for it. I am loving the new options in 1.2.

Cheers Steve