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Hey there, I'm looking to send a serial signal to a picaxe chip whenever a new article is recieved on a google reader rss feed. So far I've got the RSS downloader updating successfully (yeah I know, big deal).

But what I need to do is send boolean signal whenever a NEW article is found. right now all the useful information is stuck in the Article List structure.

Is it possible to get in and alter the patch to return the number of collected articles as a separate numerical output?

What about a setup that recognizes the title of the most recent post, and if that title changes then it will pulse?

In addition to that, is there anything I should know about the serial output patch? it seems pretty straightforward.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: RSS to Serial project

Nice to 'see' you again here ;-)

Patches that will probably be useful here are Structure Count (returns the number of articles in a structure) and Watcher (watches for changes in its input). If that doesn't do the job, maybe a Sample & Hold to store the old name and a Conditional to check if it has changed. As usual, there's probably more than one way to achieve this.

I don't know enough about the Serial Output patch to give any useful comments on it.


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Re: RSS to Serial project

Ah! Joris, you're the most helpful stalker I know! heheh

Thank you SO much! I had a bit of trouble pulling out a substructure, but once I discovered the structure key member patch, it was all good. no messing about with indexes. and then I took the 'description' string and ran it through a string length patch and then to sample & hold + conditional.

works like a charm! (unless of course the new article has exactly the same number of letters - unlikely at 500+)

Again, thank you so much!

now to get to school to find out if I'm actually sending serial ...