Random-like values

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its a bit hard to tell what i really need, but i give a chance for it :) I have a structure, with some elements. I need to random access elements every 1 seconds, in a 4 sec loop. And, every random element need to be different inside the 4 sec loop. The structure is dynamic, so the multiplexer thing will not working.

For example, the structure has 10 members. 1st sec: 6 index 2nd sec: 2 index 3rd sec: 0 index 4th sec: 8 index

Loop ended, there is a new structure with 4 element. 1st sec: 3 index 2nd sec: 2 index 3rd sec: 0 index 4th sec: 1 index

. . .

I couldn't figure out is this possible with JS or with some 'spaghetti', or making a plugin for this is easier?

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Re: Random-like values

Okay, i made a very basic plugin for this, available here: http://code.google.com/p/cogerandom/

And, i attached a sample composition here. Needs CoGePSBrushes plugin too. This will display a random brush from a .abr file on every beat - when the currentBeat value changed.

Hope this is helpful for some situations.

Random+Brush.qtz6.81 KB