Removal of Letter-boxing

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Right guys got one for you all hope you can help. I'm getting pretty fed up with cropping my videos when they've got letterboxing (the black bars at the top and bottom of a video) most of the time they're been added and removing them doesn't effect the original aspect ratio.

So i was wondering if there was a way of automatically detecting the size of a letterbox and cropping and rescaling the video to remove the black top and bottom in a video?

May be the size of the letterbox can be detected using the image histogram patch and some core image filter?

Any one have any ideas?



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Removal of Letter-boxing - Some solutions within viewer window

Raster image video movies won't scale proportionately like QC lines and primitives at present or anytime in the near future I should imagine, unlike imported compositions. So use compositions I guess -

Unless, of course, when it has to be video, then you do have to use the patch settings to get QC to present your video in as faithful a ratio as you see fit to arrive at.

Am looking into something similar for the purpose of putting loaded movies as textures into shapes as well as running a movie upon a background layer.

Are you importing movies output via QC or QCCrystal that have relied upon a Render in Image patch set to 2D rather than Rectangle?

Of course sometimes compositions will only render well one way or another but not both.

If you are importing files that already have been pillar or letterboxed then you could just set the output settings of the Movie Loader patch to frame 0 / 0 and the scaling to Stretch, Fit or Fill, none will make any difference so long as you output to a Sprite, Billboards being kind of fixed and unchangeable apart from their height.

Thereafter, you should be easily able to rejig your ratios as desired from the QC presentation viewer window.

The whole screen - of the viewer window it will be filled :-).

However - this still might leave you with some full screen not full screen, but within the viewer window all should be good.

The attached file contains a revised and edited version of an advert gleaned from The Radar Station that seemed to suit the purpose of answering your question - no need for unwanted image crops and rendering dimensions - just in built configuration.

SpotlightKidLoader.zip900.59 KB

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ygbox Open Source Solution to Your Removal of Letter-boxing Woes

ygbox has pretty much covered almost all the video file problems you would seem to have been facing in Quartz Composer.

Comes with a manual, example file and example movie from someone who does this stuff for companies in SA, STEPHEN BUCHANAN.

If some who visit this site have not already picked up on this Open Source presentation, I heartily recommend it to them, having recently realised what a well worked solution it is to what can otherwise be a vexing problem.

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Re: ygbox Open Source Solution to Your Removal of ...

Great post!!

There are commercial apps out there that ask for a few hundred dollars per Mac install that do little more than Quartz Visualizer.

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Re: ygbox Open Source Solution to Your Removal of ...

Cheers :-)