Setting up fade

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So I'm displaying roughly 15 facts using a "playlist" setup on a XML file. Every 20 seconds it will display the next fact, works great. However instead of it having a fast cut to the next fact i want it to slowly fade out fact "a" and fact "b" would cut in or have a faster fade in. Any clues on how i can get this setup?

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Re: Setting up fade

So i found the FadeOutFadeIn patch. Which will work for me. But how do i set it on a timer so that every 20 seconds go from true to false. Then it would have to reset for the next fact

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Re: Setting up fade

This one comes up quite a bit!

There are timer/stop watch examples in the developer tools, and there are also timer examples over at, I believe.

Ok... you can do this with an lfo on square wave. Or you can do it with an interpolate and a rounding patch. (a 0 is false, a 1 is true for renderer patches, by the way). Or, you can do something like pulling up a conditional, attaching it to an interpolate, patch time, or whatever... and make it so that when the value hits the desired point, your conditional setup makes it go from true to false.

When I want something to "flash" for a second, I would tend to use the interpolate/round approach, use nearest integer, and program the interpolate to something like a 0 starting point, and maybe a .51~.6 end point, and set the interpolate to loop... hook it to the round patch, and then to the renderer. That's my lazy man's way, and it's solid.