SketchUp + DAE + Kineme 3D = ? (resum)

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Hi composers! I have been searching about this issue (DAE-COLLADA) loading in Kineme 3D. From the begining of this year, someone already mention that an exported SketchUp file (*.kmz) renamed to extension and then unzip it, you get .dae file inside a folder. but this files gives problems.

Chris said in a topic that he may get a patch to load only SketchUp's .dae files, any luck?

.FBX extensions, as I read, are the best/faster to use. but to get .fbx from all models in google directory we need to convert the file from .dae to .fbx . I can do it passing through 3d max in a pc (read&export) but did anyone find a nice/better solution?


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Re: SketchUp + DAE + Kineme 3D = ? (resum)

ok. so this is what I found in Cobi Druxerman posted a this sample. So mesh does the work and reads dae files perfectly!!!

This is what I need it!!! and it could be usefull for you as well!! ;D


P.D. Would be nice to hear other techniques to import 3D files.

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Re: SketchUp + DAE + Kineme 3D = ? (resum)

You might want to give this application a go, for converting between different mesh formats:


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Re: SketchUp + DAE + Kineme 3D = ? (resum)

Talking of Meshlab, has anyone looked into the service mentioned on this page:

It looks intriguing.


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Re: SketchUp + DAE + Kineme 3D = ? (resum)

I used the free Autodesk FBX Converter to go from fbx to dae but I cannot remember if it will convert the other way around.

For comparatively cheap modelling software I use Cheetah 3D which can read and write fbx and with version 5 Im fairly sure they support dae.

Quirks and compatibility issues with various 3D formats is still a pain when it comes to workflow, Ive been struggling trying to get zbrush UV's and textures from the obj files that zbrush makes into cheetah to animate and then export as fbx. I was groaning at the thought of having to buy more 3D software to get this to work, but luckily I discovered that if I flip the V in zbrush, import the obj into blender and export as fbx, then I can get it into cheetah.

Blender 2.5 has a much better UI than previous versions but I dont think the early alpha of 2.5 is feature complete yet, eg I couldnt get import to work.

Conclusion: 3D sill a pain but nowhere near as much of one, or as an expensive a one, as in years gone by.

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Re: SketchUp + unzipping + 10.6.2 = not working

Hey! This is something I have to say. These days I am having lots of crashes eather in finder while preview or in QC, it may be possible due to recently I am doing more complicated compositions. So I decided to download the last update (10.6.2). (This is not the point though but I would like to add that 'Are we gonna get things straight as before?')

I just descovered that the unzipping doesn't work with this update 10.6.2. It just unzip another zip file. So I decided to go back to 10.6.0 give it a try and let me know if its only me or not.

Do you think google doesn't want us to get .dae files and said to apple to prohibit the zipping? .. or it is a bug?