Stop function on Kineme Audio patch

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Hi gang! stupid vexing problem, probably simple easy solution.

The Kineme Audio plug has no STOP (like vades' Movie loader plug)

Is there anyway to have the same functionality using the Current Position input somehow? Would be feeding whole circuit with a momentary boolean ON.

Tried attaching stopwatch to Current Position input it so I could stop audio file simply by resetting timer to 0. Caused stuttering audio during playback of file.

Tried a store number and re-storing 0 on the Current Position input after trigger, but still no dice.

Am I missing something super-duper obvious as a EZ way to do this?

thanks!!!! jd

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Re: Stop function on Kineme Audio patch

There's a port at the top of the patch titled "Enable" -- somewhat unsurprisingly, disabling the patch disables audio output... ;)

Or are you looking for "pause" functionality? that's a bit trickier to pull off.

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Re: Stop function on Kineme Audio patch

DOH! was already using that for master ON/OFF/Panic button purposes, but can re-wire and use it that way... too focused on the forest i guess.

thanks jd

BTW One vote here for pause/stop functionality in a future iteration of Audio file patch.

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Re: Stop function on Kineme Audio patch

Have you tried playing an audio file with Vade's movie player patch?... might be the easiest way, since it already does what you want....if you are talking about pause or scrubbing back and forth. See if an mp4 works with his patch, I would bet $.02 that it does (they do with the apple movie patch). I don't know if his has an asynch setting that needs to be checked off or not...

Chris is right on about just toggling enable to false, if you are just looking for the right way to cut it off completely.