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Back once again with what seems like a real simple question. I want to transition from one image to another. Not a big deal i got that figured out. Now with the time input i know that at 0 its the first image and at 1 its the 2nd image. I know that with LFO's and interpolation i can control the time slightly. But i want it so that after, lets say, 5 mins it goes from 0-1 on the time input. I still want it to have a nice smooth duration to see the transition effect. Then i want the second image to go back to the first one 10 mins later. I was hoping to use a combination of the counter and conditional patches, but no luck.

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Re: Transitions

Use math expression and a smooth patch. Or if it's cyclical, use LFO (it can go both directions).

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Re: Transitions

So i was playing around with it today and i kinda got it working. I really don't know how to write this in a math expression. I tried and fail. Though i did play around with the smooth patch and i understand how that works. With that said i created my own version to get the timing right without sacrificing the transition duration. Still even with this setup it doesn't do what i want it to do. The way its setup now it'll transition every minute (which i can adjust to any amount of time) and it takes 3 seconds (thanks to the smooth patch) for the transition to complete. But i still need the second image to be on screen longer then the first image. Instead of both images having a equal amount of display time. I've attached my qtz file and a screen shot of how i set this up.

On a side note, cwright, I'd like to show you the comps you had "assigned" me on a earlier topic i posted some time last week entitled "The Lone Ryder".

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