help with Rotation in 3d!!

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Hi Everyone!

Its been a long while since ive been here. Been to busy with work. It feels good to be back tinkering with qc.

Once again turning to this great forum for some guidance.

Im experinence some problem with trying to have a gl spline rotate the same amount as the earth globe but cant figure out how to make i rotate accurate with the earth. I belive this is because the globe is so much bigger when it rotates around itself.

Im very bad at explaning myself sorry about that. Have a look at the Attached qtz file it will probably give you an better idea.

I trying to get the line to rotate with the earth always at the same earth cordinates. As it is if you stop the rotation.

Best regards


Earth.qtz526.3 KB

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Re: help with Rotation in 3d!!

The spline from GLTools isn't able to form a circle -- thus, it'll always be under or over the surface of the sphere by some varying amount.

You might have better luck using a bunch of lines (the Line Structure, for example) to follow the surface. It'll take some javascript to setup, but will be much more visually appealing.

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Re: help with Rotation in 3d!!

Possibly just the regular line in a replicate in space patch if he wanted to stay away from javascript?

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Re: help with Rotation in 3d!!

ooh, that might work too (I usually avoid replicate in space because of the overhead). Definitely much simpler, and if it's fast enough, then no big deal!

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Re: help with Rotation in 3d!!

GLTools's GL Line Expression is also useful for generating circles.