iTunes stuff.... xml-age/meta data

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I can export an xml file of my top 25, or any other playlists. That has file location, and I can conceive that given enough coffee, I could figure out how to sort through it, and possibly pass the file location onto a file loader.

Which... still isn't very usable for anything that I can currently do with QC...

I NEVER use the command line tool. Does it sound possible in any way to use the command line tool to return one of these xml files/structures? I've been looking around for my main library "list" location and it's eluding me as well, and I'm sure I've looked at it before ... it's turned into a debacle basically :O)

Where I am going with this, is that it would be extremely cool to be able to run a qtz, or qtz app that was able to load from the iTunes library, even if just by random/or by playlists (ala iPod shuffle). I'm not really looking to get the "whole library" but even that would be a good start. Since the library isn't in a predictable place, it makes it much harder to incorporate into any concepts (in contrast to stuff like desktop pics, or system sounds).

It "feels" like it is possible and that I'm failing in my conceptualization of how to achieve it. I've mentioned something along these lines before, but it was in regards to having a plugin do the work, and I'm not sure if that is actually needed.

As an aside, did the iTunes database patch that is no longer around (Tiger) deliver any more useful info that isn't currently available, or are the current patches actually an improvement?

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Re: iTunes stuff.... xml-age/meta data

I'm a command line baby so not going to answer directly.

Can say I've seen bunches of Applescripts that interact with iTunes and I'd be very surprised if some of them don't access playlists. Sorry if that's completely irrelevant to your needs or the truth!

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Re: iTunes stuff.... xml-age/meta data

Yeah, I have seen that info as well. I can't seem to get the arguments going correctly with the command line tool to trigger the scripts. I don't even have anything that is close that's worth posting, I've just been using the command line example. I was trying to use a "touch" command to retrieve the iTunes folder location.

It's one of those backburner things... I think would be REALLY cool to figure out how to do this, so that you can make standalone qtz apps that are basically little music players. The concept is.... command line returns folder location. Folder location gets fed to directory scanner blocking...the info gets parsed, and then fed to the audio file player, and maybe some of the track data to image in string/sprite to give some info.'s picture
Re: iTunes stuff.... xml-age/meta data

I get what you are attempting and it sounds like it will spawn a cottage industry when you get it going. Be a cool thing to give to friends – your take on their music collection in terms of playlist and visuals. I'm not qualified to be the brains behind it though!