Is it possible to put an image as the source image of every particle using the particle tools v.03

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Hi again!

Really digging the particle tools patches.

Is there any way of setting an image input to the particle patch.

Like you could with the normal particle patch that comes with quartz composer. Maybee ill explain myself better with the attached pic.

Any guidance apreciated.

Ill bow myself to all of you developers out there great work and inspiration.



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The vbo, and textured

The vbo, and textured renders do that, and you can also use particle render structure to feed kineme GL renders like the point structure, which has an input image option... like at fire-vbo, gravitate n-body, off the top of my head... I think the flying brush example also shows this, but I can't remember...

Download the Particle Tools 3 source, and look in the example composition folder...

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this is exceedingly silly...

gravitate-nbody haha comp.qtz8.23 KB

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different images for every particle

Has anyone messed around trying to have a different image for every particle? I need to do this and had thought about using and iterator based on the scene structure size to create multiple Kineme GL Point Structures to render a structure of images - I havn't started as I know my computer will fall over with this approach (did I forgot to mention I also need to use video )

Anyone know of a better way?

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"Render: Structure" for now

For now, if you want to use multiple images per scene, you'll need to use "Render: Structure" and iterate through the structure (which is going to be horrifically slow).

We're considering eventually adding support for per-particle images (so you can have two Particles each with their own image, fed into two emitters, and then into the same scene, for example).

Would that solve your problem, or are you needing a different means of selecting images?

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this means two images?

this reads like the idea would allow a maximum of two images? what about something like folder images and if the particle generates before the next file is done loading then it sticks with the first image (or waits)? or what if a series of images were loaded to ram and had a checkbox for random/fwd/rev or something?

at any rate, this would be something good...

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He was using 2 as an example. You could have N different particles, with N different images.

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Re: "Render: Structure" for now

I also have a desire to do something like this.

I hav ea directory of several hundred images, and want to use this directory of images to populate a force directed flocking particle field.

Not seeing an easy, scalable way to do this in QC with or without Kineme tools.

Sorry if it's really obvious, I'm pretty new at this.