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Hello all,

Is there a patch out there, or instructions for cabling up my own, that would allow a midi note on message to pass a user defined numeric value to a patch (in my particular case it's the source index of a multiplexer)? There is a plug called 'NotetoValue' for for Vidvox which I understand does this very thing, but I'm QC + Midi only.

Ideally I would like to be able to map any note to any numeric value.



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Re: midi note to value

When the midi QC patch detects a value from a key, it puts out a 1. When it doesn't, it gives a 0.

In QC, this is equivalent to ON(1), or OFF(0).

You can take a math patch and hook it up to your midi note output, and "add" whatever you want to the output, to have it deliver the given value. The problem is that if you hook up a math patch, and add, say "5", that value is going to pass on to whatever (your renderer, or filter, etc).

So you need to do a chained multiplexer setup, like in the sample qtz I'm attaching. You take and make an additional output splitter on the midi output and feed that to a multiplexer that chooses your "math chain" everytime it passes a "1". Then, you feed that to another multiplexer; the one whose index you actually need to change (in your scenario). Remember that in QC, you won't see any values unless you are feeding info to a pink/consumer patch of some sort.

... I leave my multiplexers as virtual, b/c "that's how I roll". I don't like the limitation of choosing one way or another on that. Keep in mind that you put your equations into QC by choosing the mathematical expression patch and going to "settings"(or maybe just the math patch for this), and that you can add inputs to your multiplexer the same way. Sorry if I'm telling you something you know already.

It's not handy for me to test this at the moment, but it should work ok unless I hooked something up wrong out of the fact that it's the end of the night here.

midi example.qtz3.4 KB

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Re: midi note to value

little chance you're telling me something i already know, so thanks for all this.

i think i'm getting it, but how do i do multiple notes without making an infinite tunnel of multiplexers? i succesfully managed to hook up your demo comp to enable the gaussian grid, everytime i hit C0, what about another member of the multiplex?

sorry if this is a bit duh, i don't even have the excuse of it being the middle of the night!