noob question: how to change primitives?

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Hello! Finally starting in a serious fashion to study Quartz Composer. And my first newbie question for this forum. I have this kind of material with Jitter:

In this patch, I am loading an .obj object and then modify the blend mode and the poly mode. However, I am not sure how i can change the drawing primitive inside quartz; let's say line_loop, lines or triangles. I am using the OBJ Loader plug-in. Any help would be appreciated! Emmanuel

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Re: noob question: how to change primitives?

Is this produced in Max using the Cosm externals?

Interesting visual.

.obj - not as well supported 3d wise as say .fbx - try getting and converting the obj with the Autodesk SDK Utility .

Could do with the actual composition to begin answering your question about changing the drawing of a generated primitive.

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Re: noob question: how to change primitives?

Hello cybero: I am using the OBJ Loader plug-in so I did a test just now: generated a simple grid with C4D and then tried to import it to quartz composer. It doesn't seem to work properly(which makes sense as the OBJ loader is for .obj). What you suggest seems to be a nice option but would be great if I can modify the drawing primitive in real time; I am planning to use QC in live situations and would be great to have such property available for performance. The photo I posted uses no external at all, only the gl object+.jxs shaders(GLSL wrapper inside jitter). Thank you again for the answer. Emmanuel