quartz Crystal spatial super sampling

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so i just bought quartz crystal im doing my first render. what kind of results am i to be expecting in comparison to a gpu render ?

if you ask me it seems to be taking a long time to render 1 min.

see if my settings are ok . if my settings are ok is there something can do to optimize this file for spatial rendering ?

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Re: quartz Crystal spatial super sampling

First suggestion - > Don't preview whilst rendering, should take about 2 to 3 minutes to render. It seems to me that H.264 renders quicker than MPEG-4.

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Re: quartz Crystal spatial super sampling

Motion Blur and Antialiasing are really high (16x usually takes a fair amount longer, and 107x motion blur means it's rendering 107 frames for every output frame -- thus, if your composition normally renders at 107fps, your QuartzCrystal render will generate 1 frame per second at best. With 30fps output, that means it'll take ~30 seconds for each output second of video.

Try toning down motion blur and AA. Since everything's moving you probably don't need antialiasing at all. Spatial can probably be reduced to 30-40. Those two changes should improve rendering time significantly.

Composition-wise, you're spending a bunch of time (~89%) in GL Spline. You could try reducing the number of steps the spline evaluates to make it a bit snappier. The rest of the time is in iterators (~4%) and other small odds and ends that won't amount to much.