skybox shader

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came across this glsl shader while checking out some developer open cl examples. thought it was a cool texture.

skybox.zip10.09 MB

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Re: skybox shader

Although initially slow to load, skybox makes for a very good example of how to use the inbuilt Mesh example compositions, dust.

The GLSL shader does a really nice job too & it's interesting to see just how well it copes with the .dae presented and rendered within that patch.

I must admit, I'm still getting wowed by how consistent the frame rate is regardless of rendering full screen or smallest size possible with Mesh / Open CL items :-) .

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Re: skybox shader

yeah the pano texture is a bit big actually so im sure that doesn't help load times, it looks cool with the camera as well. there is another file that the skybox comes with is the fresnel that looks pretty cool not sure how to get it working in qc yet.