stand alone application

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after I have done my first steps in quartz i think about to compile a application.

I loaded the project from here with a demo project and event handling but got a few error in 10.5.

where can I find a project to start with. the demo project from apple only opens a window. I need fullscreen.

thank you

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Re: stand alone application

You might want to check out QuartzBuilder instead of going the XCode route. It will simplify things greatly for you.

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Re: stand alone application


i tried the demo... but there are no mouse input from the right or left button... the speed of the videos is 7-8 frames with the HD mp4, in composer its aubout 50-60 fps. and where can I do fullscreen?


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Re: stand alone application

fullscreen is an option on the template (you have to create a new composition using the QB template, and copy/paste the macros over to your current composition).

Can you supply a sample composition that doesn't respond to mouse inputs, and a sample composition that gets a poor video framerate?