triggering animations

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Hi, I'm trying to do what I think should be pretty straightforward and common task for an interactive composition - triggering animations.

Basically I want to have mouse or keyboard input make an animation run, with the idea being to make text transitions to support a speaking presentation.

I know about the mouse and keyboard patches, but don't understand how to have a series of animations that don't run until I trigger them with the keyboard or mouse.

I'e been googling for a few days now and am surprised that I can't find any info on this.

Anybody got some time to help out a noob?

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Re: triggering animations

maybe this will point you in the right direction , basically uses a simple condition patch to say animate if not clicked , stop animate if clicked, add in permutations of logic chains for time, etc at your own behest.

note:- based upon graphic animation template.

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Re: triggering animations

Hi, thanks heaps for the advice, but I'm still confused.

Your example had the mouse patch running through a conditional patch and into "enable" on the final animation.

I'm comfy with setting up the logic, it's controlling timelines that's got me confused. I'd made a toggle logic gate and hooked it up to the "enable" input on the patch I wanted to switch on and off already. The problem is, toggling enable seems to just display the patch on the screen or not. The timeline for the animation for the patch runs if its enabled or not, and so I can't control when the start of the animation is fired.

Is it possible to have different timelines for different patches and if so, how would you trigger one to start. Should I be focusing on "patch time" and hooking the logic into that instead of "enable"?'s picture
Re: triggering animations

Yes External Patchtime is it. if you want to trigger any patch that has time based output then feeding it an external patchtime (from stopwatch, interpolate or anything else that sends a floating number) is way to do it. Just enable the patch doing the time feed to get it started.

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Re: triggering animations

Thanks again. I think the magic word is "stop watch" I'll have a play with that patch and see how I go.