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so i saw on twitter vade had made a new movie player so i decided to update today not sure if i all ready had the right plugin or not. i got excited to see some of the controls. i don't work with video much anymore let alone in qc but i noticed that the audio worked when you changed the rate or scrubbed the position. the other day i made some cool things with the stock movie player and external time based it but when you do this the audio doesn't work. so back to vades plugin, i decided to make some glitchno beats out of video so i threw a few bleeps and blops onto a couple of video clips and went at trying to step sequence my own beat kind of like coges vj step sequencer thing. well vades movie players start and stop was not so responsive on a 16th beat let alone a quarter note so i figured i would use the looper some how and jump through quarter notes etc... by indexing and triggering different clips on time. i took another sequencer approach and well and did a little time sequencing based on the beats per min and the tracks duration to get some more beats and to glitch up some loops. glitch is the key word here. i finally got a glitch beat going that was interesting and went to add some analog glitch the video and to my surprise vades glitch plugin doesn't work his movie player. has anyone run into this yet ????? you see qc inherent lack of generative audio capabilities leaves me with kineme audio tools and vades movie plugin. i thought this patch would be cool if it generated some audio then i use soundflower to feedback the audio into spectrum then to then modify some glitch effects with the audio spectrum but i am unable to get the glitch to work with vades movie plugin. i know there are some other glitches i can use as ci filters but im trying to keep the framrate up so the audio plays smooth any suggestions ? oh i just thought of one while typing...maybe feed the movie player into a render in image ????? will try that but here is the file all the same maybe someone out there can figure it out or use this as a audio visual sequencer study.... i have seen gt's extensive use of glitch on vimeo im hoping to be able to get glitch working with this cause the music is all glitched out.

sequence.zip2.82 MB

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Re: vades movie player

I haven't checked out the zip Dust, but regarding my use of glitch stuff, my major glitch suggestion is to just "roll your own". I would tend to get a render in image going (without clear, and without being in feedback mode, which is technically "wrong") and hook the audio to the pixel width or height, along with some math in between.

You can make some great "tearing" effects that way, if say height is on 500, and you have your audio making width rip from a pixel or two wide, to a thousand or so, while the buffer is wigging out. Whatever you have in the render will make a difference... Using a Noise generator, stripes, dots, hooked up to a crop, and even hooking the translate or something to the audio as well... and then using it as a mask or with some kind of blend to your main image, will get some nice glitching going.

I haven't run into that problem with the v002 Glitch and the movie player yet, because I haven't really dug into the new movie player. I've had some really weird things happen with the v002 Glitch, like having the checkerboard in QC Viewer change hue, having sizes and anchor point stuff go abnormal until after restarting my whole system... I haven't reported those, so I can't really complain, but I wouldn't tend to complain about those results given the nature of the plugin either.

Also, a decent amount of things that I do that look like glitching are actually the result of ripping through a few dozen different fx chains via multiplexer, all effecting the same source (or maybe a couple of different images mixed in)...driving the index with an interpolate, random, or maybe the volume peaks themselves, multiplied by some factor.

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Re: vades movie player

Cheeky video , once one has gotten the file paths sorted out, for at first time of running it did, temporarily, seem to be a work that rendered only blank empty space ( WOIIFTM - Zappa ) .

Let's remember for compositional portability fella, one needs to use the file path systems that work best, namely in this case ./Media/ or whatever other formats the doughty vade's beta plugin does support.

See attached reworking zip below, should work straight out of the box.

sequence-dust.zip2.82 MB