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In ~/Library/Preferences/, there's a key called 'patcheratorSearchScope' which controls how the patch search works. The default is 0, which means only match names.

On intel machines, bit 0 means search Description, and bit 1 means search Category. therefore, 3 means search categories and descriptions (and names) -- just like Tiger.

On ppc's though, it seems to be different? I'm not sure of RosettaLeopard isn't reliable, or if QC really handles the value differently on a different arch.

Can any ppc-leopard users play with this and note their discoveries?

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On PPC/leopard

on PPC : patcheratorSearchScope 0 (Patch Name) patcheratorSearchScope 1 (Patch Description) patcheratorSearchScope 2 (Patch Category ) patcheratorSearchScope 3 (ALL)


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cool, thanks

Thanks :) [now the hard part: why doesn't it work for me... are there known correctness/stability issues with rosetta-Leopard?]

[edit: With more inspection, it's an objective-c runtime bug: object_setInstanceVariable(id, name, value); cannot set individual bytes, only 32-bit words (no idea how this works on 64bit... sigh) whee.....]

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Bit Twiddling Hacks

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Thanks :)

That looks like an exhaustive list :)

I think I've got it under control, hopefully I'll get a beta up tomorrow (holy crap holy crap holy crap...)

[ this was my concoction:

data = CFSwapInt32HostToBig(data);
data = (data & 0xff000000) | (SearchWithName << 16) |
   (SearchWithDescription << 8) | (SearchWithCategories);
data = CFSwapInt32BigToHost(data);