Arduino and QC

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has any body make the arduino work with QC I am learning the awsome arduino, and seems to me that incorporate arduino in qc is a must. thank you for sharing


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Re: Arduino and QC

I've done a lot of work interfacing arduino (and similar interfaces) with many programming environments, including Quartz.

One of the benefits (and in this case, it's also a drawback) of Arduino is that it doesn't have any built in protocol for communicating back to a host computer - it just gives you a serial port, and it's up to you to make use of that in any way you need to. I'm pretty sure there is a serial send/receive patch floating around somewhere, but using that to control an arduino might be difficult.

Generally, what I do is write a small processing sketch that talks to my arduino code over serial and my quartz composer code over OpenSoundControl.

If you're not too familiar with programming, that all probably sounds quite difficult (and it can be), but it's a VERY powerful way for interfacing quartz composer with the outside world. I've controlled servo motors, tons of buttons and leds, even a magnetic card reader this way.

If your needs are more simple, (just getting data from a few buttons or light sensors, etc) there are other interface boards you can use without writing a single line of code, as they can communicate over OSC. In the past I've used this board: It's a bit more pricy than an arduino, but super easy to use.

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Re: Arduino and QC

thank you very informative post the make controller looks real great. for a reson I want to use arduino 1- because I already have it 2- I want to share the knowlage 3- more info and help with open source hardware.

now that I am thinking this better I have the idea of use a apple remote and hoock it up to arduino board .

any sugestion on this topic is really welcome.